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Sex Workers: Access to Justice

19 November 2020

Speakers: Natalia M, Camila & Maria B on migration, what helps / hinders sex workers reporting violence and escaping exploitation and trafficking; International Committee on the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe (ICRSE) on their new report ‘Undeserving Victims?’; US PROStitutes Collective on winning an amnesty from arrest for sex worker victims of violence; Women Against Rape on your rights when reporting rape; Dr. Laura Connelly on new research ‘EU-Migrant Sex Work in the UK Post-Referendum’; Amnesty International UK on the human rights impact of criminalisation and anti-trafficking.

A report and policy recommendations from the webinar are featured in a special issue of the International Journal of Gender, Sexuality and Law here.


No Bad Women, Just Bad Laws.

International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers
17 December 2020

Women from Hull and Mayfair on their similar struggles against poverty, violence and criminalisation.
An Untold Story – Voices, a collective of women with experience of street sex work speaking on their determined struggle to end the no-prostitution zone in Hull. and their exhibition ‘Absence of Evidence‘ (w/ Henry/Bragg) in honour of 14 fellow sex workers who lost their lives.
A group of sex workers in Mayfair, who are migrant and/or women of colour, describe their battles over decades against eviction & gentrification.


Launch of new report: EU-Migrant Sex Work in the UK Post-Referendum

20 May 2021

Speakers: Dr. Laura Connelly on the findings of her pathbreaking new research on the impact of the Brexit vote on EU migrant sex workers; sex workers from the EU on criminalisation, racism and deportation; Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants on their campaign to extend the deadline for EU people to apply for the right to live in the UK; and Global Women Against Deportations.