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Support Not Separation



The ECP is a member of Support Not Separation (SNS) – a coalition to end the separation of children from their mothers or other primary carers.

Most sex workers are mothers working hard to support families, yet are punished for this, labelled “unfit mothers” and live in fear of their children being taken from them by biased family courts.

Over the past year, we’ve seen a drastic increase in the number of women contacting us with child custody issues where sex work is being used against them by ex-partners, other family members or social workers and the courts. Women of colour and migrant women are judged particularly harshly by social workers, lawyers, judges & the courts.

With SNS we’re working to address this discrimination, help sex workers defend themselves, and campaign to change the priorities in the family welfare system so that there is a shift away from the separation of children, and instead towards ensuring that sex working mothers get financial help and other support.

With ECP & SNS women in our network are winning and getting social services off their backs!

If you’re facing custody issues, please get in touch: / 020 7482 2496


Join the picket on the first Wednesday of every month outside the Central Family Court in London with Support Not Separation to protest the unjust separation of mothers from our children! Follow on Twitter #SupportNotSeparation / @NotSeparation