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A7 - 105mm x 74mm - Rectangle Sticker Template

Decriminalise Sex Work – Safety First!

Stop working together being a crime. Help us by signing and sharing our #PledgeDecrim petition to press the government to decriminalise sex work and #MakeAllWomenSafe. Read more . . . 

Campaigns - Migrant Sex Workers

Migrant Sex Workers Fight Police Illegality & Racism

Migrant sex workers are increasingly being targeted by police for arrests, raids and deportations and this has got worse since the Brexit vote. Read more . . . 

A7 - 105mm x 74mm - Rectangle Sticker Template

Outlaw Poverty, Not Prostitutes!

Government policies of benefit sanctions and the introduction of Universal Credit (UC) have deliberately caused destitution and pushed more women, particularly single mothers, into “survival sex” to feed themselves and their families. Read more . . . 

Campaigns - Amnesty

Amnesty from Arrest for sex workers who are victims of violence

An amnesty from arrest would protect sex workers who report witnessing or experiencing violence. Fear of prosecution for prostitution offences is one of the main deterrents for sex workers to report rape and other violence. Read more . . . 

Campaigns - SNS

Support Not Separation

Most sex workers are mothers working hard to support families, yet are punished for this, labelled “unfit mothers” and live in fear of their children being taken from them by biased family courts. Read more . . . 

Campaign - HAH

Hookers Against Hardship

Hookers Against Hardship is a grassroots campaign of sex worker-led organisations, aiming to raise awareness of the specific experiences of sex workers during, and because of, the cost-of-living crisis. Read more . . .