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Fact sheets


Facts about Sex Work

Crucial information including about who sex workers are, their situation and entry into prostitution, levels of violence, health, impact of policing and the success of decriminalisation as introduced in New Zealand. Read more…


Fact and Fiction

Fact and fiction

Debunking Common Myths on Prostitution

Decriminalisation of sex work works; criminalisation of clients increases stigma and discrimination; most sex workers aren’t trafficked or on drugs – these are a few of the common myths we debunk surrounding sex work and prostitution in our sheet separating the facts from the fiction … see the evidence. Read more…

No Nordic Model front

No Nordic Model – Criminalising Clients Undermines Sex Workers’ Safety

This briefing brings together statistical evidence and narrative to show how criminalising clients undermines sex workers’ safety. Read more…


Trafficking Briefing

We have been spied on, arrested, cut off from our families, had our savings confiscated, interrogated, imprisoned and placed into the hands of the men with guns, in order for them to send us home… Read more…

Press briefing

Prostitution: What you need to know – press briefing

There are approximately 72,800 sex workers in the UK. Most sex workers are mothers working to support families. Prostitution is increasing because of austerity. Read more…

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Why decriminalisation?

New Zealand successfully decriminalised prostitution in 2003. A government review has shown positive results: no rise in prostitution; women able to report violence without fear of arrest; attacks cleared up more quickly; sex workers more able to leave prostitution as convictions are cleared from their records; drug users treated as patients not criminals. Read more…