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Know Your Rights – A-Z for Sex Workers

The A-Z, which was written by sex workers with the help of committed legal professionals, explains the prostitution laws in simple terms. It aims to ensure that sex workers, no matter where we work, know the law, how to protect ourselves from arrest, how to defend ourselves if charged, and where to get help. Also, by informing the public about these unjust and devious laws, which have been passed in their name, we hope that the A-Z will build support for the decriminalisation of prostitution. New Zealand has decriminalised with proven benefits, why not here?

Download the Rights Sheet here:


Rights sheet for EEA nationals facing deportations here.


See launch event report here
See launch event video here


3 thoughts on “Know your rights

  1. What about the move to prosecute paying for sex.
    This is what is so wrong. This starts becomes not
    so much a move against Prostitutes but an anti man thing.
    If the Swedish model ever comes in will Women who use
    male escorts get charged, I think NOT. This anti prostitution
    movement is just sexist.

  2. Right…prostitutes are abused, harassed and raped by cops. Their murders go uninvestigated…But you getting arrested, THAT’s what’s so wrong. Right.

  3. DECRIMINALIZATION of prostitution would make an officer MUCH less able to harrass, abuse, or rape a prostitute, now wouldn’t it? Because that person wouldn’t hesitate to go to the law against that guilty party. It would help everyone and make the trade much more safe. THINK.

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