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English Collective of Prostitutes
Crossroads Women’s Centre
25 Wolsey Mews
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  1. Warmest spiritual greetings, Please know that I attended the protest in support of sex workers yesterday in downtown Oakland, and am glad that I did. I too have profound philosophical reasons to recommend the elimination of the psychotic patriarchal plutocracy, and the establishment of a matriarchal global civilization (with women and men equal). Please take a look at my blog, particularly “Dear Disinterested Postmodern America” on page one, and if anything resonates with you, feel free to contact me. Perhaps I could be useful! P.S. The really crazy aspect about this, is that I cannot even afford a sex worker!!! Do I need any other reasons to eliminate the patriarchy? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Blog link:

  2. We are writing in regards to the recent events in soho we work as maids and working girls in the area an we’re unaware of any protest taking place. In the currant climate we feel that we would like to get involved with any meetings or such in the future if you could email us with any future meetings or events it would be much appricated

  3. Hello.
    We are a nonprofit organisation trying to help and protect the prostitutes in Hull. Please like our Facebook page and get involved!
    A full website will be coming soon.

  4. I went to get a script. from a mental health in Australia the first thing the bitch said do you still work as a prostitute .why does that mean in a public hospital …. The answer yes the question .life is unfortunate for sex workers in Australia .I said listen her love I do have some friends that will illegally but I wanted to do it legally .so according this they want treat you if your a sex worker go some where else not the time it was said to me .

  5. I intend to donate a lot of money pay out to young sex workers and girls or ladies that have been abused me by animals .

  6. I know this thing to say a lot of organisations and departments which ever say they help but you never see.action just lots of words .that’s the point .what are doing to help to sex worker .

  7. I learnt through my experience when you sue departments for damages psychological and discrimination they change there attitudes and you also get publisity .they don’t being put on show or embarrassed publicly and each litergation bring big money to the organization for futher cases .as everything costs .girls pay for costs out damages crimes that are commited again them .

  8. Its same no matter what country you live in …. Sue offenders lawyers take ,30,% of damages compensation .and costs they pays legal fees .then the collective could organize this for girls and take a percentage to carry on there good work .nothing is free in life ….you need money to run organizations .my friends are professionals we discuss this often .

  9. Someone asked one day why did you do this … I said its illegal under the discrimination law of to call a black man a nig nog but when I was a little girl it was humor love thy neighbors tv show .but its legal. To treat sex workers as I was .I was bashed by my husband and ended up with gran mal status fitting disorder I nearly died on a train station this year in my mothers arms retired icu nurse nsw cops and shrink covered it up 14th of march 2014 .

  10. Dear Prostitutes:

    My name is Jody Williams. I’m the founder of Sex Workers Anonymous. I created SWA for two main reasons. One being to support those who had decided to quit the sex industry. The second to help those who were being “trafficked” or forced against their will to be in sex work to be able to find help to escape. I founded this group in 1987. This was when no one in this country believed that domestic sex trafficking was real. We were all viewed as “criminals”. Because of this view, there was “open season” on anyone who was even “thought” to be a prostitute. Believe me the serial killers and rapists were taking full advantage of this – knowing that if they painted someone out to be a “prostitute” that they could rape, kidnap and murder at will and pretty much no police would do anything about it. If you see the movie “Frozen Ground” with Nicholas Cage – that’s how it was back in 1987. My intent on forming this program was also so that the courts could offer coming to our meetings as “an alternative” to jail for those they felt weren’t “criminals’. The movement I fought to create has been “hijacked” by the religious right in this country who were threatened by the progress I made in making Americans realize that we were not “criminals”. They fought back and hijacked this money with money – threatening to cut off funding for any program that did not start calling any “prostitute” a “trafficking victim”. Now instead of doing sweeps where they arrest women and haul them off in buses as “criminals” – they are still doing the same thing only now calling them ‘victim” so they can feel good about what they’re doing now. I went on TV for years with other trafficking victims trying to convince the American public, and legal system, that we were not going to be able to stop these traffickers who were kidnapping, raping, torturing, and selling our men, women and children for sport and profit until anyone, the victim or the witness, could go to the police for help and get that help the same as if they worked any other job. Now they want to snap back and start arresting the johns. Since they’ve been doing that – I’m now seeing johns being blackmailed, their money stolen, and then if they want to go to the police their jobs and families are being threatened. It’s the same as prohibition – any time you have something “illegal” the criminals will profit – pure and simple. Any time you have something ‘illegal” then people will not be able to come forward to the police when they need to in order to get help. They have to do so without fear. Making alcohol legal in this country did away with people like Al Capone. If they decriminalized all prostitution – then traffickers would start being locked up and it would stop because witnesses and victims would not be afraid to come forward. Victims who are having their criminal records expunged – are still find the father of their children being arrested as traffickers. This is a crime that has to stop.

  11. I’m currently writing a play about prostitutes, telling a story about real people, real lives and real situations, dispelling myths and presumptions. I want to meet women who can tell me the facts about their work. Would any body be interested in talking to me over a coffee? My treat. I’m a young struggling actor/writer who believes in purposeful theatre and would love to meet women who can help me create this with their stories and time, of course everything will be confidential. I really appreciate anyones help, comments and time. Please contact me if you would like to meet up. Kindest regards and highly My email address is

  12. I am so glad the yorkshire ripper will be sent to a normal prision,. what he did to those working girls was evil and he should be locked up for life. i know he is evil not mad.

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