About English Collective of Prostitutes

The English Collective of Prostitutes is a self-help organisation of sex workers, working both on the street and in premises, with a national network throughout the UK. We campaign for the decriminalisation of prostitution, for sex workers’ rights and safety, and for resources to enable people to get out of prostitution if they want to.

Independent: Sex workers harassed, assaulted and illegally targeted for deportations amid culture of xenophobia after Brexit


Exclusive: ‘For migrant workers, everything is compounded – the sexism, the criminalisation and the racism and then the hostile immigration environment’ Maya Oppenheim Women’s Correspondent @mayaoppenheim Sex workers in the UK are being illegally targeted for deportations and subjected to harassment and attacks because of … Continue reading

Press Release: Sex workers document Brexit-inspired discrimination that is depriving them of the right to remain in the UK


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A sex worker collective has compiled a dossier of cases that it has fought over the last few years showing how Brexit is affecting migrant sex workers from the EU. The English Collective of Prostitutes’ dossier, Sex workers are getting screwed … Continue reading

I News: We are single mothers and sex workers – this is what we want the Government to know about Universal Credit


Niki Adams Thursday March 21st 2019 We have been shouting from the rooftops for years that women are being pushed into prostitution by rising poverty The recently announced inquiry by the Work and Pensions Committee into the link between Universal Credit … Continue reading

West End Extra: Protest calling for decriminalisation of sex workers ‘shuts down Soho’


Demands for legislative changes to ‘make all women safe’ 20 March, 2019 — By Tom Foot WOMEN sex workers shut down Leicester Square in a protest calling for full decriminalisation. The strike on Friday night was part of the International Women’s Day … Continue reading

Guardian: MPs to launch inquiry into ‘survival sex’ by benefit claimants


Investigation in response to evidence that poverty forcing women into prostitution Patrick Butler Social policy editor Tue 19 Mar 2019  MPs are to launch an inquiry into “survival sex” – where benefit claimants impoverished by universal credit or sanctions have turned … Continue reading

Vice: Why British Sex Workers Will Keep Pushing for Full Decriminalisation


We spoke to The English Collective of Prostitutes about their new ‘Make All Women Safe’ campaign, which takes aim at legislation that coerces women into working alone. “Nobody should ever be promoting the criminalisation of sex work without first acknowledging … Continue reading

Independent: Women doing sex work to survive due to roll-out of universal credit, MPs fear


‘There are a number of people participating in survival sex so they can feed their families or prevent loan sharks with baseball bats coming round to enforce debts,’ says Frank Field Maya Oppenheim Women’s Correspondent @mayaoppenheim Women may be turning to sex work as … Continue reading