“Listen to sex workers” – The Guardian


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Please comment on the article below here.  Listen to sex workers – we can explain what decriminalisation would mean If progress is to be made now an amendment to the modern slavery bill has been defeated, MPs must invite us into … Continue reading

Briefing: Anti-trafficking – targetting immigrant sex workers for raids and deportation


1. Claims that “80% of women in prostitution are controlled by traffickers”[1] have been thoroughly discredited, most recently in the Guardian’s extensive investigation ‘Prostitution and trafficking – the anatomy of a moral panic,’ 20 Oct 2009  http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2009/oct/20/trafficking-numbers-women-exaggerated Even the widely used claim that of 4,000 women … Continue reading

Recommendations for change


By the English Collective of Prostitutes which co-ordinates the Safety First Coalition In 2003, New Zealand decriminalized prostitution stating that “while not endorsing or morally sanctioning prostitution or its use” it aimed “to create a framework that: (a) safeguards the human rights … Continue reading

Sex Work: No Client Criminalisation


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By Niki Adams, English Collective of Prostitutes Protesters outside Sheila Farmer’s court case, January 2012     For years sex workers, burdened by stigma and discrimination, found it hard to speak and organise in our own name. This has started to change and … Continue reading

Dominatrix of 18 years who provides a ‘girlfriend experience’ for clients reveals why she is challenging new Northern Ireland law making it illegal to pay for sex


Laura Lee, 37, travels between Scotland and Ireland as a sex worker It means that from June 1, men who pay for sex could be arrested  The mother believes the legislation will put women’s lives in danger  By FRANKIE MULLIN FOR … Continue reading

‘Prostitution should be legalised’ – Campaign group calls for a change in the law as police launch crackdown in Hillfields


By Sam Dimmer ‘It’s not rocket science – it’s just consensual sex between adults’ Prostitution. (Library picture) As police in Coventry continue their seemingly never-ending battle with sex workers and their clients in the city’s red light district campaign groups are calling for … Continue reading

IWD event Saturday and support petition A Living Wage for Mothers & Other Carers


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Dear Friends We wanted to invite you to this wonderful International Women’s Week event organised by the Global Women’s Strike. We are glad that this event is honouring mothers and launching an international petition for a living wage for mothers … Continue reading

Arbitrary ‘Prostitute Cautions’ Are Chaining British Sex Workers to the Streets


by Frankie Mullin in Vice A sex worker on Hull’s Hessle Road (Photo by Ryan Fletcher) According to a new study, seven in ten UK sex workers previously worked in care jobs. The research, carried out by Leeds University, revealed that 71 … Continue reading