Article: No Client Criminalisation


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By Niki Adams, English Collective of Prostitutes Protesters outside Sheila Farmer’s court case, January 2012     For years sex workers, burdened by stigma and discrimination, found it hard to speak and organise in our own name. This has started to change and … Continue reading

No Such Thing as a ‘Pimp Lobby’ – Vice Magazine


by Frankie Mullin A tweet from journalist Julie Bindel about the “pimp lobby” (Background picture by ceridwen via) Across the globe, a dangerous, elusive group is gathering force. People call them the Pimp Lobby. The lobby refuses to show its true face, … Continue reading

“Listen to sex workers” – The Guardian


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Please comment on the article below here.  Listen to sex workers – we can explain what decriminalisation would mean If progress is to be made now an amendment to the modern slavery bill has been defeated, MPs must invite us into … Continue reading

Liberal Democrats support decriminalisation


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Opinion: Why Liberal Democrats must oppose any criminalisation of sex workers By Sarah Noble | Mon 3rd November 2014 Tuesday, Parliament will debate the Report Stage of the Modern Slavery Bill, and in particular, an amendments that would criminalise the purchase of … Continue reading

Amendment to criminalise clients defeated – press release


VICTORY – CRIMINALISATION OF CLIENTS DEFEATED We won! Our collective mobilisation defeated the amendment to the Modern Slavery Bill put forward by Fiona Mactaggart MP which would have criminalised clients. It dropped without even going to a vote. Another amendment put forward … Continue reading

Briefing: Oppose Amendment to Criminalise Clients


English Collective of Prostitutes International Comittee on the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe UK Network of Sex Worker Projects Scottish Prostitute Education Project Sex Worker Open University Central London Action on Sexual Health Women Against Rape Hodge Jones and … Continue reading

Oppose N. Ireland Bill to criminalise clients


Pushing prostitution further underground will not abolish it nor help sex workers, It will endanger sex workers’ lives and livelihoods.  Consenting sex is not a crime. Criminalising clients will not stop prostitution; it will push it further underground, making it … Continue reading

Action alert: stop criminalisation of sex work in N. Ireland.


From Aisling Gallagher: The bill that could impose the Nordic model on sex workers working in Northern Ireland is going to be voted on sometime in the next 48 hours. LIST OF MLAS here – PLEASE GET TWEETING/EMAILING. Please email and tweet Sinn Fein … Continue reading