Sorry, UK Sex Work Protesters, There’s No Such Thing as a ‘Pimp Lobby’


by Frankie Mullin A tweet from journalist Julie Bindel about the “pimp lobby” (Background picture by ceridwen via) Across the globe, a dangerous, elusive group is gathering force. People call them the Pimp Lobby. The lobby refuses to show its true face, … Continue reading

“Why the next general election will be pivotal for sex worker rights”


In the lead-up to the general election, we have the chance to move the debate forwards, towards the full decriminalisation of sex work. BY MARGARET CORVID PUBLISHED 2 DECEMBER, 2014 – 16:5 New Statesman  The Houses of Parliament. Photo: Adrian Dennis/AFP/Getty Images When … Continue reading

International Day To End Violence Against Sex Workers, 17 Dec – leaflet


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Wednesday 17 December 2014 7pm (assemble 6.45pm) candlelit march — from Soho Square to St Anne’s Church. 7.30pm Soho Trot by Ana Aranha. Documentary featuring powerful interviews and true testimonies from sex workers working independently in Soho flats who fought … Continue reading