Students and the sex industry: Empowering or the last resort of the debt-ridden?


CHARLOTTE PHILBY The Independent With unemployment levels soaring across Britain, job prospects for graduates have never looked so bleak. But one sector proving resilient, and lucrative, for young people struggling to meet the inflated costs of higher education is the … Continue reading

Medical Students Turn to Prostitution to Pay the Bills


Community Care magazine, 05/03/2012. Debt is increasingly limiting students’ options post-graduation, especially as the recession dries up funding for expensive law, medical and graduate degrees and youth unemployment reaches staggering levels around the world. And it seems to be driving some students to … Continue reading

Warning over ‘significant’ rise in medical students turning to prostitution


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Pulse, 01/03/2012. Medical students are putting their careers at risk by turning to prostitution to fund their studies, it has been claimed. One in ten students now claim to know someone who is using prostitution to pay university fees – … Continue reading