Article: No Client Criminalisation


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By Niki Adams, English Collective of Prostitutes Protesters outside Sheila Farmer’s court case, January 2012     For years sex workers, burdened by stigma and discrimination, found it hard to speak and organise in our own name. This has started to change and … Continue reading

Stop police crackdowns – Coventry Telegraph


By Sam Dimmer ‘It’s not rocket science – it’s just consensual sex between adults’ Prostitution. (Library picture) As police in Coventry continue their seemingly never-ending battle with sex workers and their clients in the city’s red light district campaign groups are calling for … Continue reading

No Such Thing as a ‘Pimp Lobby’ – Vice Magazine


by Frankie Mullin A tweet from journalist Julie Bindel about the “pimp lobby” (Background picture by ceridwen via) Across the globe, a dangerous, elusive group is gathering force. People call them the Pimp Lobby. The lobby refuses to show its true face, … Continue reading