Open Letter: Demand police prioritise the protection of sex workers over the prosecution for prostitution offences


We write to protest the police treatment of a victim of armed robbery who was working as a sex worker when she was attacked. (Crime ref: 5214132/17). Ms Maria Benito [not her real name] was working in a flat in … Continue reading

Legislation on sex work: Sweden Sex Purchase Law


Lilith Brouwers – 2017 Legal status of sex work: There are multiple laws that criminalise or limit sex work in Sweden, the most well-known of which is the 1999 Sexköpslag  (Sex Purchase Law).  This legislation criminalised the purchase, or attempt … Continue reading

I News: As sex workers, we deserve the same working rights as everyone else


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Wednesday September 13th 2017 By The English Collective of Prostitutes A motion will be put to the vote at the TUC Congress today, proposed by ASLEF the train drivers’ union and supported by the GMB, calling for “decriminalisation of sex … Continue reading

Independent: Trade union leaders to vote on decriminalising prostitution at TUC conference


Calls made for a ‘New Zealand-style’ approach which offers sex workers legal protection but concerns remain over ‘exploitation’ Lizzy Buchan and Harriet Agerholm Political Correspondent 12 September 2017 Union leaders will vote on whether to back efforts to decriminalise prostitution to offer greater protection to … Continue reading

TUC Congress 2017: SUPPORT Motion 39 Decriminalisation of sex work


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SUPPORT Motion 39 Decriminalisation of sex work Received from ASLEF supported by GMB Congress notes that austerity measures since 2010 have led to an increase in the number of people working in the sex industry and is concerned by examples such … Continue reading

BBC Victoria Derbyshire: Violence against sex workers: ‘He was there to kill me’


5 September 2017 By John Owen BBC Victoria Derbyshire programme Image caption “Suzanne” says one client punched her until she passed out Sex workers say they are being left more vulnerable to attack by laws making it illegal for them … Continue reading