About English Collective of Prostitutes

The English Collective of Prostitutes is a self-help organisation of sex workers, working both on the street and in premises, with a national network throughout the UK. We campaign for the decriminalisation of prostitution, for sex workers’ rights and safety, and for resources to enable people to get out of prostitution if they want to.

Vice: Why British Sex Workers Will Keep Pushing for Full Decriminalisation


We spoke to The English Collective of Prostitutes about their new ‘Make All Women Safe’ campaign, which takes aim at legislation that coerces women into working alone. “Nobody should ever be promoting the criminalisation of sex work without first acknowledging … Continue reading

Independent: Women doing sex work to survive due to roll-out of universal credit, MPs fear


‘There are a number of people participating in survival sex so they can feed their families or prevent loan sharks with baseball bats coming round to enforce debts,’ says Frank Field Maya Oppenheim Women’s Correspondent @mayaoppenheim Women may be turning to sex work as … Continue reading

Novara Media: Sidelined No Longer, Sex Workers Led the Women’s Strike


by Sophie Hemery Carried from the Bank of England to London’s Piccadilly Circus by drizzle, pop music and smoke grenades, 2019’s Women’s Strike march culminated in a performance by strippers demanding the full decriminalisation of sex work. Thousands of people danced … Continue reading

Independent: Sex workers storm New York protest against decriminalisation of prostitution


‘Nothing about us without us’ ‘Sex workers have had a struggle to be listened to. For too long policy and law on prostitution has been dealt with without sex workers’ Maya Oppenheim Women’s Correspondent  Two sex workers stormed a demonstration … Continue reading

RightsInfo: International Women’s Day March: ‘Brexit Takes Away From The Crisis Facing Women’


By Adam Bloodworth Freelance News Editor 8th March 2019 Campaign groups for women across the United Kingdom have united outside what they nicknamed ‘The Royal Courts of Injustice’ to campaign for women’s rights this International Women’s Day. Women assembled from a … Continue reading

RightsInfo: Sex Workers Are Being Denied Their Rights. It’s Time To Respect Them.


By Alex Feis-Bryce Chief Executive 4th March 2019 RightsInfo CEO, Alex Feis-Bryce, who founded the award-winning sex worker safety charity National Ugly Mugs, discusses International Sex Workers Rights Day, the English Collective of Prostitutes’ #MakeAllWomenSafe campaign and why policymakers need to put aside their … Continue reading