About English Collective of Prostitutes

The English Collective of Prostitutes is a self-help organisation of sex workers, working both on the street and in premises, with a national network throughout the UK. We campaign for the decriminalisation of prostitution, for sex workers’ rights and safety, and for resources to enable people to get out of prostitution if they want to.

Press Release: Sex workers and human rights activists protest outside Parliament against a Trump-inspired law that would endanger sex workers and empower exploiters


Sex workers today join with other feminists and human rights activists to voice their opposition to a Trump-inspired ‘anti-trafficking’ law – the US version is known as SESTA/FOSTA (1) – ahead of a debate on mirroring them in the UK, … Continue reading

STRASS submission to the Conservative Party Human Rights Commission Inquiry into the Reform of Prostitution Law


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STRASS – Syndicat du Travail Sexuel (France) c/o Act Up-Paris, 8 rue des Dunes, 75019 PARIS contact@strass-syndicat.org www.strass-syndicat.org Wednesday, May the 16th, 2018 To the Conservative Party Human Rights Commission, Dear Madam, STRASS is France sex workers’ trade union with … Continue reading

Briefing on Unison Motion to Decriminalise Sex Work – Answering Nordic Model Now Misinformation


Support Motion 127 – “Decriminalisation for safety”, brought by Lambeth to the Unison Delegate Conference 2018. Read full motion here. Facts and information on the decriminaisation of sex work. By English Collective of Prostitutes 020 7482 2496 • ecp@prostitutescollective.net • www.prostitutescollective.net The ECP is … Continue reading

Oakland North: International support groups discuss sex workers’ rights in Oakland


Thanta Laovilwanyakul(middle) talks about her experience as a sex worker at the “Public Meeting with Empower.” Empower Foundation set a table that displayed T-shirts and books that represent their their idea at the public meeting. By Saemmool LeePosted March 21, 2018 1:14 … Continue reading