Evening Standard: Letter – Sex work should be decriminalised 

I’ve been a sex worker for more than  five years, working in a flat with friends and for a few months on the street when I didn’t have money to set myself up in premises. I felt safest working with other women and where we had installed CCTV for safety. But although my job is legal, if I work with someone else I risk being prosecuted for soliciting on the street or brothel-keeping in premises.

I’ve faced a lot of abusive clients but the most frightening thing was knowing that I couldn’t call the police. A friend of mine, who reported a gang that was threatening her, was told by the desk sergeant: “Are you telling me you are a prostitute? Because, if so, I’ll arrest you.”

We’re labelled criminals for doing our best to survive even though laws are against us. This cannot continue. This Sunday we at the English Collective of Prostitutes are launching a new campaign #makeallwomensafe to demand the Government decriminalises sex work.

Sarah Bowman
English Collective of Prostitutes