Victory, local community comes to the defence of sex worker

A sex worker received a letter from someone claiming to be a local mother. The letter outed her as a sex worker, threatened to inform her family about her job, accused her (wrongly) of running a brothel and threatened to report her to the police, included transphobic hate speech against her partner and threatened to drive them out of the area.

With the help of the ECP, the sex worker tried reporting the letter to the local police liaison officer but he was completely unresponsive. He said he would not give any assurances that she would not herself be investigated for prostitution.

Meanwhile her neighbours rallied round. They sent letters of support saying they were outraged by the threats against her and that they considered it an attack on their community. One neighbour reported the transphobic hate crime in the letter to the community police who took the report seriously without any focus on the sex work.