NUS: Student Sex Worker Briefing

To mark International Sex Worker Rights Day on 3rd March NUS LGBT+ Campaign has joined forces with sex worker-led organisations to create a briefing for students’ unions on how they can better support student sex workers.

Read our briefing on how students’ unions can better support student sex workers.

In 2016 NUS LGBT+ and Women’s Campaigns undertook a survey in partnership with English Collective of Prostitutes (ECP) and Sex Worker Advocacy and Resistance Movement (SWARM) into the experiences of student sex workers. The NUS Student Sex Work Survey taught us a lot about the multiple barriers and stigma student sex workers face but most striking was that less than 15% of respondents thought their institution or students’ union was providing them with sufficient support.

This resource aims to educate and inform students’ unions on the challenges that student sex workers face and provide you with ideas and advice on how better to support them, whether by ensuring sexual health, counselling and mental health services are accessible and inclusive or by campaigning for a learning environment where student sex workers feel safe and welcome.

We are proud to team up with ECP, SWARM and SCOT-PEP for this project. Over the coming weeks, we will also be launching a guide for student sex workers full of advice for keeping safe at work and legal advice for dealing with police and navigating the criminal justice system so keep an eye out!

Read our Student Sex Worker Briefing here.


NUS LGBT+ Campaign