Arrested for reporting violence

In February 2011, Ms Lorraine Morris was convicted for “keeping/managing a brothel (SOA 2003). Ms Morris was arrested after she dialled 999 to report a serious attack on a woman in a flat used by her escort agency. Two identifiable men, one with a sawn-off shotgun up his sleeve, threw petrol about, threatening to torch the premises and held the woman against her will. Information Ms Morris gave to the police on the understanding that it was being used to pursue the assailants was used to prosecute her. The case against the attackers was dropped. An abuse of process case Ms Morris brought against the Police was thrown out. Under threat of a custodial sentence Ms Morris, who had two young children pleaded guilty to brothel-keeping and received a community sentence. She was then pursued under the 2002 Proceeds of Crime Act and lost her home and her savings. Attacks on other women working locally rose following the case.

New laws put prostitutes at risk, claim escort agencies, (The Independent, 29 December 2009)