Event: Sex workers win justice and the right to work safely

From the UK to the Bay Area
Sex Workers Win Justice and the Right to Work Safely
Friday, August 1
518 Valencia Street, San Francisco (16th Mission BART)
6:30pm Snacks, meet and greet Niki from London
7pm program starts

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Guest speaker: Niki Adams, English Collective of Prostitutes.  Also, Alexandra Berliner, Legal Services for Prisoners with Children; Rachel West, US PROStitutes Collective


Speakers will address:

  • How UK sex workers won against mass raids and closures instigated by police and property developers attempting to take over the historic red-light district of Soho, central London, England. This is a crucial victory for the SF Bay Area to know about, as many of us face speculators, evictions and gentrification.
  • The impact on sex workers’ safety of the recent FBI closure of Redbook, an online advertising venue.
  • The ground breaking victory winning compensation for rape for sex workers who were previously excluded from the California Victim Compensation Program.
  • A challenge by formerly incarcerated people (FIPs) to end discrimination in compensation for rape and domestic violence; problems with the compensation program including the system of restitution. Many sex workers are FIPs and vice versa.
  • A successful campaign against increased criminalization of sex work: Bill SB 1388.
  • Stop the War on the Poor Campaign: how it strengthens our struggle for survival and against criminalization.

Next steps and how you can be involved.

Called by: In Defense of Prostitute Women’s Safety, a project of US PROStitutes Collective and Legal Action for WomenEndorsed by: All of Us or None; California Coalition for Women Prisoners; Erotic Service Providers Union; Legal Services for Prisoners with Children; Queer Strike;  Global Women’s Strike/Bay Area; Sin Barras

415-626-4114   uspros@prostitutescollective.net   www.uspros.net