Audio: Sex workers organizing against violence and criminalization

Speakers highlight two recent sex worker-led struggles: the historic victory in California of sex workers winning compensation for rape, and the protests against mass raids and closures of sex workers’ flats in the red-light area of Soho, London, England. Hear how trafficking is being used as a justification for a moralistic crusade against sex workers while genuine victims are denied help. While prostitution is increasing because of an increase in poverty, police crackdowns, including those claiming to be targeting clients, impact on women first and most starting with street workers, often women of color, immigrant and transgender women. To defeat these powerful forces sex workers are coming together with others against repression, criminalization and imprisonment. No woman is safe when sex workers aren’t safe.


Margaret Prescod
Black Coalition Fighting Back Serial Murders
Pacifica Radio

Rachel West
US PROStitutes Collective

Melissa Gira Grant
Author of Playing the Whore: The Work of Sex Work

Niki Adams
English Collective of Prostitutes

Moderated by Nina Lopez
Global Women’s Strike