“Know Your Rights” workshops

"Know Your Rights" workshops Soho meeting with rights sheet 7 October 2013 #2“Know Your Rights” workshops have been held over the last year in and outside of London. Some have been sex worker only and addressed specific issues for example:

A detailed Q&A on safety where sex workers were able to describe how they worked, what measures they took to protect themselves, get suggestions from the ECP and other sex workers about what else can be done, and information about the effectiveness and legality of their safety procedure.

A discussion based on questions from sex workers about the law as it related to their work situation including on issues such as child custody, housing (particularly clauses in tenancy agreements banning immoral behaviour), tax etc.

Please contact us on 020 7482 2496 or ecp@prostitutescollective.net if you would like to host a “Know Your Rights” workshop in your area.

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