Film: 17 Dec – Decriminalisation in New Zealand

Monday, 17 December 2012, 7pm

Film: Decriminalisation of Sex Work in New Zealand

New Zealand decriminalised prostitution in 2003. This 30 minute film documents how the law was won and its impact as told by sex workers and activists working with the NZ Prostitutes Collective.


Followed by discussion with

Niki Adams, English Collective of Prostitutes, who recently visited Australia and New Zealand and saw the effects of the law first-hand.

Sheila Farmer, who is celebrating another victory over a vindictive Crown Prosecution Service – having squandered thousands of pounds, they’ve had to drop a second prosecution for brothel-keeping. What was her crime? Working with friends for safety. Her determination and resilience, despite ill health, is an encouragement to the many other women who are facing similar charges.

Venue: Crossroads Women’s Centre, 25 Wolsey Mews, Kentish Town, London, NW5 2DX

Contact: English Collective of Prostitutes, 020 7482 2496

International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers event

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